Just a quick update.

Not too much has changed since my last post.  I did get all of the “little things” done that I mentioned in my last post.  All I have left now is to create the product and write some emails.

I did get fancy shmancy splash page made for me this week that affiliates will be able to use when promoting my site.  I usually try and make my own splash pages but this time I decided to hire Jamison Raymond from Black Hat Graphics.  Jamison is da man when it comes to splash pages because he understands that it takes more than just great graphics to create a high converting splash page.  I am very pleased with how well it turned out.

I had been putting off the product creation part of this project for awhile because I wasn’t sure how to properly format it in order to turn it into a rebrandable pdf file.  Thankfully Sunny Suggs got me into contact with Jay Hines from Quick Tab Change who came up with a great solution for me.  Thanks Sunny!  Now there is nothing holding me back!

Of course I still haven’t started.  I have been doing a lot of shows lately.  Tonight will be my 7th show in 6 days and I am feeling kinda drained.  The good news is that I have Saturday and Sunday off to work on my product… or I could watch the last 6 episodes of LOST that are sitting on my hard drive.

Next week.  Seriously!  I will have something done by next week.

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