My graphic desiger finally sent me the final images for my site on Tuesday morning.  I spent the last two days working on the homepage and other than needing to add some testimonials later on it’s pretty much done.

It’s amazing how much it helps having professionally designed graphics for your site.  I’m actually embarrased to show people my old site now that I know how easy it is to have something quality put together for you by someone who knows what they are doing.

2 days might seem like a long time to work on one webpage but based on the prices I received from professional copywriters I think I made the right choice.  It’s no masterpiece but I think it’s certainly above average when compared to other similar websites.

I have also almost completely configured all the internal site files.  That means the first 4 steps of my 7 step to do list are pretty much done.

I plan to work on step 5 today which is to create some marketing tools that I can put into the “affiliate toolbox”.

I also thought of a few other steps I need to do…

5.1 – Create a bonus page.  Pretty easy.  Just need to grab the html for some free programs and create a page inside the site for them.

5.2 – Add Products – Since I haven’t created my product yet I haven’t played around with adding products into LFM yet.  I do have some bonus products I am giving away so I should probably figure out how that works.

5.3 – Test the Support Room – Yep, I added a support room to the site by installing osTicket.  It was free and ridiculously easy to install.  I just haven’t tried it to see if it actually works.

5.4 – Test Member Emails – I should probably make sure the email is configured properly, make some custom welcome emails, and get everything linked to my Aweber account.

Step 6 is to work on my autoresponder emails and Step 7 is to create the product though I may need to do that sooner than I was planning.  When the product is done I am going to have to send it out to have it made into a rebrandable ebook and I have no idea how long that is going to take.  It would also be nice to get some testimonials from people before I launch and I probably need a product to do that.  Thankfully I think writing all the sales copy in advance has given me a pretty good idea of exactly what the product needs to be.  It’s just a matter of organizing all the information in my head into something that people will actually want to have.

I would say everything is going great so far.  My best guess is that I am about a month away from an actual launch but I have no problem pushing that back further to make sure everything runs perfectly.

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