The waiting is the hardest part.

I received an email from my graphic designer early Friday morning telling me he would send me my revised site graphics in about 12 hours.  I did a show that night and was looking forward to seeing them when I got home.  Sure enough, no graphics.  It’s now Monday morning and there is a message on the site saying “we’re currently on a very heavy workload, thus there might be delays replying to your emails.  Turnaround time 6-7 working days”.  D’oh!

I kept myself busy yesterday working on the inner workings of the membership site… mostly the OTOs.  Creating the pages wasn’t that hard, just very time consuming.  The real problem came with trying to link those pages to upgraded memberships via PayPal IPN.  I have never worked with IPN before and there was nothing in the LFM manual/videos explaining how to use it.  Thanks to PayPal Sandbox I finally figured it out after about 30 tries.  I just hope it works when I actually launch.

So the OTO pages are done.  I also did the “Upgrade” pages in the site.  Today I will do the members homepage and maybe work on some of the affiliate sales tools if I have time.

I just hope I get the graphics soon.  If I get stuck looking for something to do I suppose I could always start creating a product… nah.

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