How to Create Rebrandable Ebooks

Author: Jerry Iannucci

In my last post I talked about how to use free viral reports to drive traffic to your websites.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

One of the best way to insure that your report or ebook goes viral is to make it rebrandable.  Creating a rebrandable ebook gives people the ability to replace some of the links in your ebook with their own.  This gives them more of an incentive to distribute your ebook to other people.

Until recently there hasn’t been a good way to create rebrandable ebooks that were easy for the end user to rebrand.  My previous rebrandable ebooks required the user to download a second ebook where all the links were replaced with special codes.  They then needed to download and install special rebranding software to create their new rebrandable ebook.  I usually had to create special instructions on how to use the rebrander and sometimes I ended up having to do it for them.

Jay Hines just released a new tool that makes creating rebrandable ebooks a snap!  It’s called Easy Viral PDF BranderEasy Viral PDF Brander is a script that you install on your website that allows people to quickly and easily rebrand an ebook without needing to download any special software.

Easy Viral PDF Brander is very easy to use.  Simply create your ebook the way you normally would using Word or Open Office.  When inserting the links you will replace the rebrandable part with a special code.  Create your PDF file and upload it to your site and then run Easy Viral PDF Brander.

When you visitors want to rebrand your ebook you can direct them to a page on your site where they will be given a list of all the rebrandable links in your ebook.  It works sorta like a downline builder.  They add they affiliate links to the boxes and when they are finished they can download their ebook rebranded with all of their links.

This is a great product for anyone wanting to create viral reports and ebook.  To get a copy of Easy Viral PDF Brander click the image below.

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Download Easy Viral PDF Brander

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