How To Advertise Lead Capture Pages

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Welcome to November!

Is 2008 really almost over?

Sorry I haven’t updated for a bit. I spent the last few days riding around Missouri in the back of a van doing light shows for one of my favorite bands. Halloween shows are always lots of fun but to be honest I am just happy to be home working again.

For the past few months I have been using many of the techniques that Soren Jordansen has laid out in his Internet Marketing Success Formula to build a profitable email list using free information products.  If you want to know one of the best ways to make money on the Internet then you should really read his book.

Anyways, I have been sharing some of the best places I have found to advertise lead capture pages that I use to build my list. To see my results from previous months click here.

Unfortunately I was on the road a lot at the end of October and I didn’t get stats for the last few days so this month’s stats might be slightly lower than they should be.

As usual I am using Hits Connect to track how many sign-ups I am getting from my lead capture pages.

Traffic Exchanges
1. ts25 – 16
2. Traffic Splash – 10

I actually spent a lot less time surfing for credits this month than usual so I didn’t bother listing the exchanges that only got me a few sign-ups.  The 26 sign-ups I received from ts25 and Traffic Splash actually came from credits I had left over from previous months.  Isn’t residual traffic great?

1. ListJoe – 81
2. FreeSafelistMailer – 13
3. AdSolution – 12
4. List Auction – 9
5. Elite Safelist -7

Wow!  ListJoe continues to perform way above my expectations for a safelist. I did purchase the upgraded membership but with those kinds of stats it is worth every penny!  If you aren’t already a member join ListJoe now!

Text Ad Exchanges
1. Traffic Swarm – 51
2. Muscle Mail – 28
3. Ad Exchangers – 25
4. Maple Ads – 7
4. Elephant Text Ad Exchange – 6

Once again Traffic Swarm dominates the text ad exchanges but there are many newer sites which are proving to be very effect for advertising lead capture pages.  Check them out!

I should also mention that I participated in my very first JV Giveaway to advertise my lead capture page f and I was very happy with the results.  I received 39 sign-ups even though I got in really late.  If you have a free product to give away and want to advertise your lead capture page in the next big give away event then check out IM Dream Team asap!  It’s free to join and is a great way to get a lot of exposure for your lead capture page.

Of course these numbers are all from my own testing and your results may vary.  If you are doing any kind of online advertising you need to track your own stats. That’s why I recommend HitConnect for tracking all of your sign-ups.  Get your own HitConnect trackers by clicking the link below.

250x250 How To Advertise Lead Capture Pages

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