Hell Froze Over at I Love Hits

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Saturday!

I usually don’t promote individual traffic exchanges.  Especially ones that have been around for as long as I Love Hits.  But big things are going on at ILH and if you advertise with TEs you need to know about this.

First, there is the new addition of bracket surfing at I Love Hits. I’m proud to say I had a small hand in this when the idea came up one day in TELive.  The way it works is every day you are paired up against another surfer and you compete head-to-head to rack up the most clicks in one day.

It’s very fun and very addictive.  Jon is even giving away a Sony Flip HD to the top surfer this week.

Check it out:

Second, if you are already a member of ILH you should know that Jon has reset the one-time-offers.  This means you have one last chance to pick up Jon’s insane “Lifetime Upgrade” before he raises the price tomorrow.

I grabbed the lifetime upgrade yesterday.

It’s worth every penny!


Finally, for years ILH has had the reputation of being the only traffic exchange that doesn’t pay out commissions.  No more!  ILH members can now earn commissions from referring new members to the site.

So if you are already a member of ILH make sure you login to the site today for your last chance at the amazing lifetime upgrade!

If you are NOT a member of I Love Hits… what are you waiting for?

ilovehitsClick Here to Join I Love Hits

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