Good Ideas Are No Longer Good Enough

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Over the last few years so many different blogs and web sites about Internet marketing have appeared on the Internet that it has become very difficult to make your site stand out from all of the others. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a new site or if you are thinking about making your existing site more unique, the trick to creating and maintaining a site that captures the attention and interest of your target market is to find your own unique niche. If you are able to figure out a way to provide something unique that nobody else is doing then you will have a better chance of creating a lasting relationship with your site’s visitors. Once you have figured out your unique niche there is still a lot of work to do but this is the best way to begin.

Every great site starts out with a really good idea, and it’s almost impossible to build a really good site that lasts without one. There are many excellent websites out there that are targeted to Internet marketers so the competition out there can get pretty intense. To make sure that your site stands out from the pack you are going to need to offer something that nobody else is currently offering… or you will need to do something that someone else is already doing but do it in a way that is more impressive or that is more valuable to your visitors.

One of the ways you can develop a really good model for your site is to look at some other sites that have figured out how to successfully capture your target audience and determine if you can use some of their strategies to help you do something similar with your own site. I’m not saying you should copy them exactly. You will have to add your own unique twist to what they are doing in order to make sure your site stands out from all the others. I think many people would agree with me that the sites out there which are the most successful have their own unique personality. With so many popular sites to choose from most surfers will gravitate to the sites which they feel offers the best personality so try to take this into consideration when you are trying to decide how to give your site a unique feel by adding your own voice to the design and content on your site.

After you come up with a great concept for your site, picked a specific niche that you are comfortable with, and infused the site with your own voice and personality, the next big step is trying to figure out how to get the word out there to other people. When it comes right down to it a really good idea just isn’t enough to make your website successful any more. You are going to need to come up with a smart and realistic marketing plan that is designed to constantly draw new visitors to your site. Once you are able to hook your visitor hopefully your great content will hopefully keep them coming back for more but it is vital that you are able to get that first glance from them or else your site will never get the opportunity to shine.

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