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Author: Jerry Iannucci

Over the last few years I have been creating viral reports that I use to promote my Internet business.  The way it works is you create a high quality report on a subject that contains links to your websites or affiliate links.  You then give that report away for free.  Hopefully, if the report is good, some of the people you give it to will pass it on to other people and some of them will do the same.  Over time it starts to spread like a virus and eventually there are thousands of reports floating around out there with your links in it.

It’s pretty simple but it works.

This week a friend of mine named Jay Hines released a new ebook called “Viral Reports Revealed”.  Inside Jay reveals some of his best techniques for creating free viral reports and show exactly how to make them go viral.

Inside you will discover…

– How to pump out your own library of viral reports in record time, without writing a single word.

– How to make others actually want to pass on your viral reports. These secrets are what many are missing.

– How to destroy your competition by having your own army of ebooks working as your personal salesmen.

– One guru-coveted strategy that will allow you to both rake in the cash and explode the size of your list with viral reports — off others efforts!

Since this is a viral ebook I decided to give it away for free on my site.  Nothing to sign-up for.  If you would like a free copy of Viral Reports Revealed… click here.

The best thing about Viral Reports Revealed is that for a small fee Jay is offering the rebrand rights to his book.  That means you can replace all the links in Viral Reports Revealed with your own affiliate links and see first hand the power of distributing free viral reports.

To rebrand your copy of Viral Reports Revealed… click here.

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