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Got a banner ad you want to promote?

My friend Steve Ayling (aka “The Duckman”) is launching a new banner  exchange today which I will be using to generate thousands of impressions for all of my banners.

You can check it out here:

buckets of banners

In spite of what you may have heard banner advertising is NOT dead.  In fact, I still get quite a few click throughs on my banners every day.

Probably the biggest benefit of promoting banner ads is branding!  You gotta get your face or logo out there as much as you can.  People really do remember things and the more often they see your banners the more they will think of you.

Buckets of Banners gives you multiple ways to earn free impressions for your banner ads.  There is even a free affiliate program that let’s you earn cash commissions and free banner displays from your direct referrals.

This is something I have never seen offered before and is sure to become very popular.

Sign-up for Free here…

buckets of banners

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