Welcome to October!  This month I will be posting my regular stats report from my death bed.  At least that’s how I feel after having caught my first major cold of the season.  If this post seems to stop mid-sentence it’s probably because I passed out and I will finish it later.

Like last month I am mostly going to be focusing on safelists as that is where most of my sign-ups have been coming from lately.  I am still promoting the same splash page for my Safelist Marketing Tactics site though I do have a new splash page in the works that I will be split testing very soon.

Lots of interesting stuff going on in the safelist world right now.  For one, AdTactics has decided to only allow free members to send credit ads once every 3 days instead of once every 24 hours.  As a result i’ve gone from getting 1,300 hits per month down to about 300 with only 1 new sign-up last month.  They say they are just testing this new format and can decide to change it back.  Let’s hope so.

On the flip side AdSolutiOnline has increased the number of credits you can earn from clicking their emails.  It used to be almost impossible to click enough credits to email your ads to the entire membership every 24 hours.  Now it’s not a problem.  Clicks and sign-ups went down slightly but not enough to make a big difference.  AdSolutiOnline didn’t make it into the top 5 but I did manage to get 8 new sign-ups in September.

Let’s see who’s on top for last month…

ViralAdStore – Hits: 2,170  Clicks: 110  Sign-ups: 29
List Joe – Hits: 2,366  Clicks: 175  Sign-ups: 26
Global Safelist – Hits: 2,383  Clicks: 84  Sign-ups: 20
List Auction – Hits: 1,263  Clicks: 83  Sign-ups: 20
Got Safelist? – Hits: 2,550 Clicks: 54  Sign-ups: 17

Not much change there.  ViralAdStore still manages to blow me away every time I check my stats.  I guess I expected it to be on par with List Auction but I never expected to find something that would compete with List Joe.

I’d like to welcome Got Safelist? back to the top safelists for me.  I actually broke down and upgraded to a paid membership at Got Safelist? and what a difference it made!  With a free membership I was getting about 450 hits a month and an average of 4 or 5 sign-ups.  I’d say jumping up to 17 sign-ups in a little less than a month is worth the upgrade.

That’s all for this month.  I’m gonna go curl up on the couch and watch some scary movies (they always make me feel better).  Remember, if you’re not tracking your ads you have no way of knowing where to advertise.  These are just my results.  What works for me might not work as well for you.

If you need a link tracker you can get one for free by clicking the link below.


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