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The Best Safelists for November 2021

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Welcome back to my top safelist rankings for November 2021!

With officially gone I am now tracking all of my ads using HitsConnect.  So far I am liking it much better.  I feel like I have a lot more flexibility with how I track my ads.  However, I won’t be posting my “unique” percentages any more.  I don’t think it will be missed much since I think the conversions are much more important.  If you still aren’t tracking your ads I do recommend HitsConnect.

Here are my safelist stats from last month…

Every month I share the stats I obtained from my previous month of safelist advertising.  Last month I used all of my traffic to promote two lead capture pages giving away a free copy of my book Safelist Marketing Tactics. The stats below reflect the number of people who saw my page and subscribed to my list.  I used about 40 different safelists throughout the month to send my ads.  While I do have upgraded memberships at most of the safelists I use I still spend a lot of time clicking credit links to send my ads to more people.  These stats were obtained using only the standard credit mailer and do not include banner ads, login ads, etc.

Name Hits Signups
European Safelist 4041 9
State of the Art Mailer 1971 5
Leads N Profits 558 5
Viral URL 105 3
Instant Ad Power 1446 3
Go Pro Mailer 201 3
Traffic Leads 2 Income 679 2
Adchiever 595 2

Total October Sign-Ups: 42

Please note that the stats I share here are the results of my own marketing efforts throughout the previous month for the pages I am promoting. What works best for me might not be the same as what works best for you. These lists are intended to be a jumping off point for you. To find out what works best for you I highly recommend tracking your own ads.