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The Best Safelists for August 2020

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Welcome to August.

I hope everyone has been having a productive summer and that your online businesses are thriving.

As someone who has been doing this Internet marketing stuff for a very long time I have collected a number of tools which I use to make my work easier and more profitable.  One tool that I recommend every marketer have is an effective link tracking tool.  Link trackers tell you exactly where your traffic is coming from and if used correctly where your sales are coming from.  This make it much easier to target your traffic and hopefully make you more money.

In June I swapped out almost all of my tracking links and started using the ones provided by HitsConnect.  It was much easier than I thought it would be and the features provided by them were on par if not better than what I had been using.  July was the first full month I used HitsConnect to track my safelist ads and the results were not what I was expecting.

In short, either the ad I am promoting is so stale it’s dead or I am doing something very wrong.  According to my autoresponder I received 39 new subscribers in July vs the 18 reported by my tracker.

I suppose there is always going to be some discrepancies.  In May my autoresponder said my ad generated 52 new subscribers vs 42 reported by my old link tracker.  It could just be that people are finding my ad from outside of the safelists but I am still not convinced everything is working right yet.  I’m going to try the same ad with a different tracker next month and then for sure I will have something new to promote in September.

These are my results from July.  I gathered these stats from the 30-40 different safelists and mailers that I use to promote my ads every month. I am currently promoting a lead capture page that I am using to build my list.  The “sign-ups” represent the number of people who have subscribed to my list and verified their email address. These stats are provided only to show what is currently working best for me and my ads. Your results my vary.

Hits Signups
Viral URL 192 6
List Mailer Plus 1088 2
List Avail 971 2
TezzerMail 677 2

Total July Sign-ups: 18

As I said, I am not sure everything is working properly.  Noticeably missing are European Safelist and State of the Art Mailer which normally generate at least a few monthly sign-ups.  Again, it’s probably just because my ad has gone stale and is no longer generating sign-ups like when I first published it.