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The Best Safelists for December 2019

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy December and Happy Monday!

I’m going to keep it quick this month as I am still trying to get caught up from a long holiday weekend.

Every month I share the stats I obtained from my previous month of safelist advertising.  I use safelists almost every day throughout the month to send email ads promoting various pages I am promoting.

Last month I used all of my traffic to promote a lead capture page giving away a free ebook called “No More 9-5“.  The stats below reflect the number of people who saw my page and subscribed to my list.  I used about 40 different safelists throughout the month to send my ads.  While I do have upgraded memberships at most of the safelists I use I still spend a lot of time clicking credit links to send my ads to more people.  These stats were obtained using only the standard credit mailer and do not include banner ads, login ads, etc.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
European Safelist 5627 52.00% 9 0.16%
Leads N Profits 1387 50.00% 7 0.50%
State of the Art Mailer 2351 60.00% 3 0.09%
Viral URL 142 80.00% 3 1.41%
Traffic Bonus 1083 45.00% 2 0.18%
Bweeble 1791 44.00% 2 0.11%
Trend Mails 2109 34.00% 2 0.09%
TezzerMail 803 48.00% 2 0.25%

Total November Sign-ups: 39

Big drop from last month.  I think a lot of that is caused by promoting the same page two months in a row.  It pays to keep things fresh so I am going to back to promoting Mister Safelist for the rest of this month.  I’ll pull this ad back out in January and see if taking a month off will make it appear new again.

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