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The Best Safelists for January 2016

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are over it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get started making 2016 the best year ever!

With that said I must admit that my stats from last month are going to be a little lighter than usual.  I did a little travelling myself for the holidays and while I had every intention of keeping busy with my laptop I found it far to easy to occupy my time with other things.  (Clicking for credits or eating Christmas cookies.  Which would you choose?)

So here’s my slightly truncated stats from last month.

I am currently using all of my daily safelist mailings to promote my squeeze pages which build my list by giving away free copies of my book Safelist Marketing Tactics.  These stats are generated from using only the credit mailers and do not include login ads or banners ads or anything like that.  I should point out that I am upgraded at most of these sites and spend time every day reading emails to earn credits.  I currently submit to 40-50 different safelists and viral list builders which represents only a fraction of the number of mailers out there and I am constantly updating that list based on my advertising results.  I provide these stats only to show what is currently working best for me.  Your results may vary.
Hits Unique Signups Ratio
European Safelist 4290 47.00% 11 0.26%
Traffic Bonus 1289 73.00% 9 0.70%
Viral URL 125 86.00% 9 7.20%
State of the Art Mailer 2522 64.00% 6 0.24%
List Adventure 1346 37.00% 6 0.45%
My Free Resources 565 35.00% 4 0.71%
Bweeble 2093 63.00% 3 0.14%
Adchiever 1305 67.00% 2 0.15%
The Lead Magnet 301 57.00% 2 0.66%
Email Traffic List 510 57.00% 2 0.39%
Total December Sign-Ups: 65

Not great but still pretty good.

So what did you think about 2015 as a whole?  What highs and lows did you observe while advertising in safelists last year.  I would love to read your comments below.

Please note that the stats above are provided only to show what is working best for me.  What works best for you might be something entirely different.  The only way to know what sites work best for you is to track your own ads.  You can get the same link tracker that I use by signing up for

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