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Power Surf Central

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Power Surf Central is a joint venture between the traffic exchange programs Hit Safari, Soaring4Traffic, and RealHitz4u.  The three program owners have teamed up to offer their members a reward system for the daily usage of their programs.

Here are a few of the features included with your Power Surf Central membership:

  • Your own customizable profile which you can share with the world
  • Powerful training that opens up new avenues of income streams and starts
    training people on the correct way to use traffic exchanges
  • Unlock rewards to build xp which unlock power points you can use for
    many features on the site including spotlight ads, credits, banner impressions
    text impressions and more being added all the time
  • An ever growing site that will continue to train its members to keep them
    ahead of the curve

Power Surf Central also functions as a downline builder for you as any new members that you refer will be required to join Hit Safari, Soaring4Traffic, and RealHitz4u to take advantage of their membership.

As more and more surfers are looking for extra rewards for their time spent surfing it makes sense for these three traffic exchange owners to join forces to offer Power Surf Central to their members.  Each of the featured traffic exchanges offer their own large and active memberships which together can be used to help your ads reach a much wider audience.

The new Power Surf Central website launches today.

Click the image below to join.

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The Best Safelists for January 2013

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy New Year!

I hope your 2012 was as good as mine.  As we move into 2013 safelist and viral list builders are becoming more popular and effective than ever before.  I look forward to seeing what the new year will bring us.

December was a fairly quiet month for new launches.  The only new mailer I joined was John Smiley’s Viral Cash Mailer which so far has been performing well for me.

I did finally get around to updating my own Safelist Marketing Tactics ebook.  No major changes but I did update quite a few of the recommend resources.  If you are an upgraded member with rebranding right you will want to login to the site and update your affiliate links as soon as possible.  If you are not upgraded you will have one more chance to grab the awesome one-time-offer you saw when you first joined.  It’s the first time I have reset the offer in 2 years so grab it while you can.

Time for some stats…

The stats below were gathering from over 40 safelists and viral list builders during the month of December.  I am currently promoting a series of splash pages advertising my own Mister Safelist.  I have upgraded memberships at many of these sites which often allow me to send my ads more often and to more people than free members.  I also spend a considerable amount of time every day reading emails to earn credits.  The stats are the result of my own marketing efforts and are provided to give some insight to what sites are working best for me.  Your results may vary.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
Adchiever 3865 27.00% 16 0.41%
Max Mailer Pro 5441 17.00% 16 0.29%
Viral Nugget 2190 28.00% 10 0.46%
Massive Traffic List 617 23.00% 9 1.46%
List Joe 941 40.00% 7 0.74% 1624 24.00% 6 0.37%
State of the Art Mailer 2726 29.00% 6 0.22%
Bweeble 2427 37.00% 5 0.21%
Viral Cash Mailer 1190 18.00% 5 0.42%
AdTactics 798 20.00% 5 0.62%
List Bonus 1697 31.00% 4 0.24%
European Safelist 917 21.00% 4 0.44%
Fast Cash Mailer 401 27.00% 4 1.00%
List Shock 1313 24.00% 4 0.30%
The Lead Magnet 970 25.00% 4 0.41%
Mail Our List 1172 22.00% 4 0.34%
List Outbreak 738 21.00% 4 0.54%
TopTierMailer 1462 25.00% 4 0.27%

Total Decembers sign-ups from all safelists and viral list builders (including those not shown here): 148

I’m glad to see that the numbers are back to where they should be.  I’m not sure what happened with my stats in November (only 78 sign-ups).  At first I thought it may have had something to do with the new ads I was promoting but now I think it had more to do with my tracking service moving to

As usual I like to point out that the safelists and viral list builders that are working best for me might not be the ones that work best for you.  The only way to know which safelists and viral list builders are working best for you is to track your own results.  You can get the same link tracker that I use from

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