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Happy Monday!

Here is the list of upcoming JV giveaway events for June 28, 2010.

JV Giveaway Events

July 1 – Create Income Giveaway
Contributors: 67  Gifts: 48

July 1 – Opportunity One Giveaway
Contributors: 126  Gifts: 114

July 1 – Traffic Blaster Giveaway
Contributors: 123  Gifts: 80

July 2 – 4th of July Extravaganza
Contributors: 194  Gifts: 103

July 2 – Original Products Giveaway
Contributors: 366  Gifts: 180

July 9 – Market Place JV Giveaway
Contributors: 134  Gifts: 95

You can always find the latest giveaway announcements at:

JV Giveaway Tactics


Happy Monday!

Here is the list of upcoming JV giveaway events for June 21, 2010.

JV Giveaway Events

June 24 – The Massive Summer Giveaway
Contributors: 210  Gifts: 129

*June 25 – Free Instant Web Cash
Contributors: 476  Gifts: 73

June 26 – Independence Day JV Giveaway
Contributors: 116  Gifts: 77

**June 28 – Instant Underground Gifts
Contributors: 1162  Gifts: 106

June 28 – The JV Newbies Giveaway
Contributors: 215  Gifts: 130

June 30 – Independence Day Giveaway
Contributors: 122  Gifts: 79

July 1 – Opportunity One Giveaway
Contributors: 80  Gifts: 70

July 2 – Original Products Giveaway
Contributors: 242  Gifts: 131

* Recommended

You can always find the latest giveaway announcements at:

JV Giveaway Tactics


Happy Monday!

Here is the list of upcoming JV giveaway events for June 14, 2010.

JV Giveaway Events

June 15 – Early Bird Giveaway
Contributors: 189  Gifts: 180

June 15 – PLR Essentials
Contributors: 89  Gifts: 42

June 19 – Internet Marketers Giveaway
Contributors: 751  Gifts: 104

June 21 – WordPress Giveaway Event
Contributors: 106  Gifts: 29

June 24 – The Massive Summer Giveaway
Contributors: 168  Gifts: 90

June 26 – Independence Day JV Giveaway
Contributors: 91  Gifts: 56

**June 28 – Instant Underground Gifts
Contributors: 668  Gifts: 73

June 30 – Independence Day Giveaway
Contributors: 108  Gifts: 57

July 2 – Original Products Giveaway
Contributors: 153  Gifts: 107

* Recommended

You can always find the latest giveaway announcements at:

JV Giveaway Tactics


Yep, it’s me again.

I’m not sure you caught my blog update yesterday on all the latest giveaway events but there’s a big underground giveaway event coming up very soon
that you should know about.

With guys like Andrew Fox, Chris Freville, Kim Roach, Chris Cobb, Jeff Dedrick having gifts in this event…

People are going to be signing up left, right and center.

Guess what…

The people who signup will also be able to sign up and download your products as well, leaving you with hundreds of subscribers.

Not only that, but there’s also a 2,000 bucks cash contest.

I hate to say it again, but this is going to be the biggest giveaway event that Internet Marketing has ever seen…

So I’ll see you there!

Click the image below to join.

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Happy Monday!

Nearly every day I receive an email from a reader who is struggling to earn their first dollar working from home.  More often then not, they tell me that they really want to make money on the Internet but they don’t want to spend any money to get started.

Personally, I am more than happy to invest money into my business if I know I can make a profit.  If I can spend $20 to make $30 i’ll do it over and over again all day long.  However, I understand that some people are just not in a position where they can spend a lot of money.

I had to ask myself…

Is it really possible to make money on the Internet without having any money to spend?

I’ve been looking around for awhile now to find a system that people can use to make money that won’t cost them any money to start.  The best method I have found for me is to make money with affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately if you don’t already know what you are doing learning all of the necessary steps to become a successful affiliate marketer can be quite a daunting task.

That is until now…

The No Money System is a 30-part video training package with about 289 minutes of total content, or almost 5 hours of step-by-step content. This massive video package will show you step-by-step a complete affiliate marketing system from start to finish.

This is a complete system that will show you how to make money using only free resources that are readily available on the Internet.

I am so excited that I can finally offer this system to you that I have decided to slash the price of the No Money System for a limited time.  But don’t wait!  Depending on the response i’ll probably be raising the price really soon.

Also, if you act right now I will even include the master resell rights to this fantastic product.  This will allow you to resell the No Money System and keep 100% of the money you make.  I can’t offer the MRR rights for very long so grab your copy now!

Click the image below to get your copy.

Cick Here to Get the No Money System


Happy Monday!

Here is the list of upcoming JV giveaway events for June 7, 2010.

JV Giveaway Events

June 10 – Julie’s Birthday Giveaway
Contributors: 78  Gifts: 58

June 11 – Just 4 Gifts JV Giveaway
Contributors: 119  Gifts: 105

***June 11 – The World Cup Giveaway
Contributors: 1528  Gifts: 128

Just 11 – World Cup Giveaway 2010
Contributors: 340  Gifts: 165

June 14 – JVQ Graphics Giveaway
Contributors: 129  Gifts: 41

Junt 15 – Early Bird Giveaway
Contributors: 159  Gifts: 137

June 15 – PLR Essentials
Contributors: 76  Gifts: 39

June 21 – WordPress Giveaway Event
Contributors: 88  Gifts: 26

**June 28 – Instant Underground Gifts
Contributors: 323  Gifts: 25

June 30 – Independence Day Giveaway
Contributors: 71  Gifts: 43

* Recommended

You can always find the latest giveaway announcements at:

JV Giveaway Tactics


My Favorite WordPress Plugins

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Would you believe this blog is almost 2 years old?

I do find that hard to believe.  I thought for sure I would get bored and forget about it after the first 3 months.  But sure enough, I checked the archives over on the right side of the screen and it says my first post was July 2008.

I thought it was interesting that in all of my years of blogging (ok, next month I can officially say “years”) I haven’t really written anything for other bloggers to help them get started with their own blogs.  I guess it’s because I still don’t consider myself a real “blogger” but after 2 years and lots of positive feedback I guess I must be doing something right.

A few days ago someone emailed me looking for help setting up a new blog.  They bought a domain, installed WordPress, and picked out a theme.  Now the adventure begins as they try to figure out what to with their blog.

I thought I would share some of the suggestions I am making to him by posting them here on my blog so everyone can benefit from them.

So, first up… plugins!  I love plugins.  They are what makes WordPress so awesome.  Here are the list of plugin I have installed on my blog:

AkismetEssential spam blocker.  Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not.

All in One Adsense and YPNInserts Adsense or YPN code in to your blog posts.

All in One SEO PackOut-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog.

Google XML SitemapsThis plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

RSS Power Plus – This plugin will, when a new post is published, submit the rss feed for this post only (not the entire domains feed) to the configured RSS Aggregators websites, including where applicable the tags used in the post.

SEO Friendly ImagesAutomatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images. Improves traffic from search results and makes them W3C/xHTML valid as well.

ShareThisLet your visitors share a post/page with others. Supports e-mail and posting to social bookmarking sites.

Smart 404Rescue your viewers from site errors! When content cannot be found, Smart 404 will use the current URL to attempt to find matching content, and redirect to it automatically. Smart 404 also supplies template tags which provide a list of suggestions, for use on a 404.php template page if matching content can’t be immediately discovered.

SociableAutomatically add links on your posts, pages and RSS feed to your favorite social bookmarking sites.

TweetMyBlog!Updates your twitter account with each new post to your blog.

Tweet ThisAdds a “Tweet This Post” link to every post and page. Shortens URLs. Can automatically tweet new and scheduled blog posts. Highly customizable.

Ultimate Google AnalyticsEnable Google Analytics on your blog. Has options to also track external links, mailto links and links to downloads on your own site.

WordPress Plugin AlternativesTracks views, post/page views, referrers, and clicks.

WP Auto TaggerAutomatically finds tags based on your post content.

Got any other suggestions?  Feel free to post them in the comments.


The Best Safelists for June 2010

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Welcome to June!  It’s a new month and that means it’s time for me to dig out my safelist stats from last month and see what are the top safelists right now based on my current advertising campaigns.

Not a lot of news to report for last month.  I did weed out about half a dozen smaller safelists that I had been using which were not producing a lot of sign-ups.  It was hard because most of these safelists were still bringing in a few sign-ups every month but as my list of safelists that I use daily continues to grow I find myself having less time to focus on the sites that are bringing me the best results.

That means I now have some free time to test out some newer sites and to retest some sites that I haven’t used in a very long time.  While I don’t have stats for them yet you can expect to find List Zillion, State of the Art Mailer System, and Reactive Ads in here next month.

Speaking of newer sites…  There are a lot of good programs out there that go right over my head because I can’t always distinguish them from all of the junk.  If you know of any safelists or viral list builders that are working for you but you haven’t seen me mention here feel free to post your referral link in the comments.

Ok, time for the stats.  Over the last few weeks I have been promoting my splash pages in Sweeva and have gotten some really interesting feedback.  I decided that instead of just advertising one splash page in my safelist ads I would put three of them into a rotator and advertise that instead.  I’ve been doing this for the last two weeks.  So far so good.  All of the splash pages that I am promoting on these safelists are being used to promote my site Safelist Marketing Tactics.

Total Clicks

Unique Clicks Action Sales CTA CTS
List Effects 1,192 696 51 16 7.33% 2.30%
ListBuildingMaximizer 1,743 828 69 15 8.33% 1.81%
List Joe 1,493 1,053 51 13 4.84% 1.23%
ViralAdStore 1,706 871 45 9 5.17% 1.03%
Adsolutionline 2,497 938 46 6 4.90% 0.64%
List Auction 1,240 628 33 6 5.25% 0.96%
Got Safelist 1,954 895 60 5 6.70% 0.56%
European Safelist 735 276 31 5 11.23% 1.81%

“Clicks” is how many people viewed my splash page.  “Action” is how many people clicked the link on my splash page to go to the main site.  “Sales” is how many people joined my site.  CTA and CTS are “clicks to action” and “clicks to sale”.  I ranked these safelists by sales but it is also important to look at the other numbers to determine how responsive each safelist really is.

Not a great month, actually.  List Effects managed to hang on to the top spot again but just barely.  Everything else seems to have either stayed the same or dropped slightly.

As usual I should point out that these are my own personal stats from  promoting my own personal splash pages.  These numbers are only meant to be a guide to help you decide which safelists and viral listbuilders are worth trying.  Your results will probably be different from my own so the only way to know for sure which sites work best for you is to track your own results.  You can get a free link tracker from TEToolbox.

 The Best Safelists for February 2010


Happy Tuesday!

Sorry I have been a little bit quiet lately.  There honestly hasn’t been a whole lot going on.  But today I have some pretty big news.  It’s a brand new program that just launched this morning from my buddies Paul Kinder and Scott Martin (yes, I really do know all these people).

It’s called TE Command Post!

Paul and Scott have designed and built a site that I think fills a HUGE gap in the traffic exchange market. It’s something that surfers have needed for years without ever really knowing it.

TE Command Post allows you to:

* Command Your Credits
* Control Your Time
* Cash In Cool Commissions On 24/7 Autopilot
* All With Push Button Simplicity Right Now!

And the best bit – yep, it’s free!

Here’s everything you will get if you join today…

* Up to the minute account information for every listed exchange almost instantly.

* How many credits you have waiting to be assigned

* How many credits you have already assigned

* Which url’s are running low on credits

* High converting Affiliate Tools designed to build your downlines fast and bring you passive recurring affiliate commissions for TE Command Post and many other traffic-related sites

* TWO downline builders to get you passive referrals.

* Your links appear in Paul’s emails so you get to lay back and let an email master make you commissions!

Now check this out:

TE Command Post 1

That’s a screen shot from inside my TE Command Post account.  I had no idea I had so many unassigned credits laying around!  But TE Command Post found them for me.  Now I can easily login to each of those accounts and assign all of my credits.

And it also works with your banner and text ads…

TE Command Post 2

That’s how many unassigned banner impressions I had.  Wow!

BUT… there is an absolutely HUGE list of extra features for upgraded members too (I know because I am using them).

PLUS… a special launch promotion where you can lock in up to 88% discount – secured for life!

Highly recommended!

btw, Scott and Paul are not saying they will start charging. That’s bogus! They really are happy to share their own personal system that has helped with their success and you will always be able to get it free but…

The special launch discount is expected to sell out quickly and will only be available for a few short days!

So join free or grab yourself a real bargain,

Either way you won’t regret it!

Click Here to Join TE Command Post.