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I had this brilliant idea last night while I was playing around with Jeff Dedrick’s “Send Button Profits” website.  You see, Jeff is going to stop accepting new sign-ups tomorrow night and I don’t think everybody understands what they are goin to be missing out on if they don’t join now.

So as I am going through the members area last night looking at all the tools I thought “Gee, if people could just SEE all this stuff there would be no question about signing up”.  So I decided I would get up this morning and record a video walking you through the members area showing you everything in the Send Button Profits system.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I “SUCK” at making videos.  Yeah, I just tried 3 times and each time I found myself blanking out with long periods of “Duhhhhh”.  Sorry!

Luckily, I am a fast typer so i’m just going to try and “describe” everything you are getting with the Send Button Profits system.

First, go here.

That’s the sales page.  I’m sure you’ve seen it by now.  The system is based around list building which I happen to love. Seriously, look at any successful Internet marketer and you will find that they all make their money by
promoting to their list.  That’s the big secret to making money online.  If you’re not building a list that’s probably why you have been having such a hard time.

Scroll down the sales page.  You will find that Jeff is giving away the system for free. Click the sign-up link and you will find that it asks for a credit card.  I’m sure that’s where most people leave.  Don’t worry!  Jeff is going to send you his training course in the mail.  You just need to cover the shipping. It’s $6.95 if you’re in the US and $12.95 outside the US.  Not much considering what you are getting.

In addition to the course you are also getting 30-day access to the Send Button Profits members area.  This is where it gets good…

(Ok, use you imagination.  This is where the video would go if I actually recorded it)

Here’s everything you get in the Send Button Profits system…

First there is the “List Building Webinar Video”. This is the 9 part training video that covers:

1. Overview
2. Basics for Building a List and Getting Leads.
3. Ways to Build Your List
4. Ways to Make Money From Your List
5. Offline Leads
6. Secrets to Using Affiliates and Joint Ventures
7. Create That All Important Relationship
8. Writing Emails That Get Opened and Make Sales
9. Ways to Get Traffic to Your Websites

Good stuff.  Worth joining right there.

But there’s more… under that there is the “Optin and Download Page Creator System”.  If you are a member of Instant Bonus Page (One of Jeff’s other programs) this is basically that.  It lets you create pages where people can download your products and Jeff hosts them on his site for you.

In addition to the download page creator you also get the “Optin Page Creator”.  You can get this as an upgrade at Jeff’s other site but it costs $77 there.  Here it’s part of the system.

I just want to say that the Optin Page Creator is awesome!  I’ve been looking around for a way people without web hosting and html skills can make their own optin pages.  This is the best thing out there.

Here.. I made this page in less than 2 minutes:

I didn’t write the bullets.  I just wanted to see what it would look like.  Pretty impressive and it’s super easy to do.

In addition to this you also get one that makes video optin pages.  Just record your video (if you’re not lame like me), upload it to youtube, and this will  embed it in the optin page for you.

And there’s more!

You also get 10 premade optin pages for programs like Ewen Chia’s “Super Affiliates” and Johnny Andrews’ “Money Siphon System”.  Just fill in your affiliate link and you are ready to promote.

Plus there are 20 more that come with a complete autoresponder email series.  Just add your code to the page, promote, and all the emails will be sent out with your affiliate links.

Like autoresponder emails?  You also get a series of prewritten emails for 5 more top clickbank product.  Just fill in your clickbank username and add them to your autresponder.

There’s also 5 mini profit packs.  These are 5 more products you can sell that come with opt-in page and autoresponder emails all setup and ready to go.

Want more?  This is probably my favorite…

You get 200 rebranable ebooks.  200!  Just enter your clickbank username and the books will all be rebranded with your info.  Give them away as freebies and if anybody buys the products in the books you make money.  The books are even rebranded with your Send Button Profits affiliate link so you can make even more money.  I love it!

There’s also the “Internet Marketing Guru University Membership Site”.  I don’t even know what that is. I’ve been so busy with the ebooks I haven’t had time to explore it yet.

Personal coaching from Jeff Dedrick and Liz Tomey.  Ok, that costs extra but if you need some extra help that’s pretty amazing that they are offering one-on-one help for anybody who wants it.

Want more?

Ok, how about 12 audio interviews on list building from people like Ewen Chia, Gary Ambrose, and James Grandstaff.  Nice.


How about 150 more clickbank emails that you can add to your  autoresponder?  Set these things to send out every 3 days and you won’t have to worry about writing emails for over a year.  That’s truely an automated system.

You also get ebook templates.  I wish I had these when I first started writing ebooks since I waste so much time trying to format stuff.  These are really well made.


You also get 50 videos showing you how to generate traffic to your optin pages.  This isn’t junk. This is a complete traffic training course.  I watched a few of them and they are really good.

Finally there’s even more templates for you to download.  There’s Twitter templates, OTO templates (I really like these), and even more squeeze page templates.


You can see why I wanted to record a video instead of trying to type this all out.  It’s actually much more impressive when you can actually see all this stuff and spend some time playing with it.

So, Jeff is going to close the sign-up page tomorrow (Tuesday) at Midnight EST.  You’re not stupid, you know it’s going to reopen again at some point but I don’t know if it’s going to be in a few weeks or a few months.

Yes, it’s all free (except for the shipping) and yes you will be billed after 30 days if you want to keep your membership.  Considering everything you are getting with Send Button Profits I think it’s safe to say it’s worth the price.  All you need is an autoresponder and the Send Button Profits site and you are set!

Try it and SEE for yourself.  Click the link below to join.

PS – Even if you plan to cancel before the 30-day  trial is up make sure you watch the videos and  download as many of those 200 rebrandable ebooks
as you can.  Man, I still can’t believe he giving  away all those rebrandable ebooks for free!


Welcome to October!  This month I will be posting my regular stats report from my death bed.  At least that’s how I feel after having caught my first major cold of the season.  If this post seems to stop mid-sentence it’s probably because I passed out and I will finish it later.

Like last month I am mostly going to be focusing on safelists as that is where most of my sign-ups have been coming from lately.  I am still promoting the same splash page for my Safelist Marketing Tactics site though I do have a new splash page in the works that I will be split testing very soon.

Lots of interesting stuff going on in the safelist world right now.  For one, AdTactics has decided to only allow free members to send credit ads once every 3 days instead of once every 24 hours.  As a result i’ve gone from getting 1,300 hits per month down to about 300 with only 1 new sign-up last month.  They say they are just testing this new format and can decide to change it back.  Let’s hope so.

On the flip side AdSolutiOnline has increased the number of credits you can earn from clicking their emails.  It used to be almost impossible to click enough credits to email your ads to the entire membership every 24 hours.  Now it’s not a problem.  Clicks and sign-ups went down slightly but not enough to make a big difference.  AdSolutiOnline didn’t make it into the top 5 but I did manage to get 8 new sign-ups in September.

Let’s see who’s on top for last month…

ViralAdStore – Hits: 2,170  Clicks: 110  Sign-ups: 29
List Joe – Hits: 2,366  Clicks: 175  Sign-ups: 26
Global Safelist – Hits: 2,383  Clicks: 84  Sign-ups: 20
List Auction – Hits: 1,263  Clicks: 83  Sign-ups: 20
Got Safelist? – Hits: 2,550 Clicks: 54  Sign-ups: 17

Not much change there.  ViralAdStore still manages to blow me away every time I check my stats.  I guess I expected it to be on par with List Auction but I never expected to find something that would compete with List Joe.

I’d like to welcome Got Safelist? back to the top safelists for me.  I actually broke down and upgraded to a paid membership at Got Safelist? and what a difference it made!  With a free membership I was getting about 450 hits a month and an average of 4 or 5 sign-ups.  I’d say jumping up to 17 sign-ups in a little less than a month is worth the upgrade.

That’s all for this month.  I’m gonna go curl up on the couch and watch some scary movies (they always make me feel better).  Remember, if you’re not tracking your ads you have no way of knowing where to advertise.  These are just my results.  What works for me might not work as well for you.

If you need a link tracker you can get one for free by clicking the link below.


Click Here to Track Your Ads with HitsConnect