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List Jumper has Launched!

Author: Jerry Iannucci

List Jumper: Launching Nov 24 at 3:00 PM EST

How would you like to join a free list site that grows your list on its own, whether you refer others or not?

List Jumper is the newest concept in list building. Even if you refer absolutely nobody you can still mail to fresh responsive members on a regular basis.

How does it work? Well it takes a bit of “jumping” to to really get it going. You see the more people you “jump” the more people you can reach through your mailings because your mail is sent to people below you in the growing straight line.

That’s the incredibly unique idea behind List Jumper, you can improve your ranking in the list by reading mail and jumping each day. My goal is to jump to the very top of the list and have everyone in the whole site below me! You could too…

List Jumper just opened to the public a few minutes ago. Now is your chance to secure a good position that will let you send your ads to everybody who joins after you.

List Jumper is free to join but of course there are some sweet upgrades that will allow you to send your mailing to more random members every 3 days. Well worth the price when you consider the number of people you will be able to reach.

Click the image below to create your free List Jumper account now.

Click Here to Join List Jumper


I know it’s still November and all but I just wanted to make sure you knew that one of the biggest IM events of the year officially opened their doors to the public today.

You saw it happen in 2006.. and it was even bigger in 2007.. Now.. 2008 promises to be the BIGGEST ever and you can be part of it, IF you are on the NICE list.

Santa’s BIG Giveaway has officially launched to the public!

There’s over 220 gifts waiting for you to freely download inside of Santa’s Sleigh.

All of the TOP marketers in our industry have come together and donated their own top-notch products to Santa in order to spread Holiday Cheer at a time when we need it the very most.

So get on the NICE list & get all of this before they close the doors until next year.

What do you have to lose… its Free!

Santa’s BIG Giveaway 2008

PS: Check out what you get if you act fast… Click the link below!

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Happy Monday!

Right now I am sponsoring Big Santa’s Giveaway, set for launch on 11-20-08 through 12-31-08. I wanted to take the time to personally invite my readers to join me in promoting the Santa’s Big Giveaway Event.

This is your chance to be a part of the biggest Holiday Giveaway on the Net. Some of the biggest names in the industry are already signed up!

We’re going to accumulate tons of free gifts and lots of ways to earn killer cash just in time to put gifts under the tree.

If you have a gift you’d like to offer in Santa’s Big Giveaway Event, click the link below to join for free.



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IM Dream Team Launches Today!

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Saturday!

Just a few quick announcements before I shut down for the day.

As of today the big IM Dream Team giveaway event is open to the public and will remain open until November 30! This is your chance to get your hands on some great software and ebooks as well as other cool IM resources that you can use for your business.

I am looking at the site now and there are almost 200 products being given away including some nice PLR packages, some marketing courses, awesome video squeeze page templates… phew! I gotta stop browsing this thing.

Also a large chunk of the proceeds generated by the IM Dream Team will go to a very noble cause. You need to check it out for yourself to truly understand how this is going to changes lives.

So help yourself and others by checking out the IM Dream Team site now.

New Prelaunch

As one JV giveaway event opens to the public another is seeking contributors for an event launching in December.  This JV giveaway is being hosted by Guido Nussbaum who always puts on a great event.  If you have a product with a squeeze page that you would like to have included then click here now.


Ranking the Top 10 Traffic Exchanges

Author: Jerry Iannucci

This past week one of my most favorite websites (Affiliate Funnel) did a relaunch of sorts unveiling a brand new system for ranking the top traffic exchange sites.

Affiliate Funnel has ranked the top traffic exchange for awhile but they are now getting a little more scientific by basing there rankings on a variety of factors including user opinions, number of new members, and total number of hits. The results, which are tracked every week, present a fascinating window into how different exchanges stack up against one another.

Affiliate Funnel ranks the top traffic exchanges every Friday based on the results of the previous week. Being about 4:20 on Friday morning I am now getting a peek at which traffic exchanges ranked in the top 10 from this first week of testing. Very cool stuff.

Check out this week’s top 10 traffic exchanges now… CLICK HERE

Of course, the best way to figure out which exchanges will work best for you is to test them yourself and track the results. Just because an exchange performs well for some people does not mean that it will work just as well for what you are promoting. Still, with hundreds of traffic exchanges to choose from the top 10 traffic exchanges from Affiliate Funnel make a great starting point.


Do you have a product and want thousands of people to get their hands on it?

Well, build your list by giving it away free!

Sell something to those people that sign up for your freebie on the backend and make a fortune off of it.

Sound Easy? It is.

Join The IM Dream Team event and get your products side by side with the IM Greats.

It only takes a few seconds to sign up and is well worth it.

You’ll also be able to watch step by step videos that will help you get the most out of this!

Plus, this event will help out a different charity during every give away.

Those that join and upgrade not only get the most out of this event but they also become superstars…

Making a difference in the eyes of those who maybe have no hope otherwise makes you an instant superstar…

Join Now – Make Money – Build Your List and Make a Difference!

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How To Advertise Lead Capture Pages

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Welcome to November!

Is 2008 really almost over?

Sorry I haven’t updated for a bit. I spent the last few days riding around Missouri in the back of a van doing light shows for one of my favorite bands. Halloween shows are always lots of fun but to be honest I am just happy to be home working again.

For the past few months I have been using many of the techniques that Soren Jordansen has laid out in his Internet Marketing Success Formula to build a profitable email list using free information products.  If you want to know one of the best ways to make money on the Internet then you should really read his book.

Anyways, I have been sharing some of the best places I have found to advertise lead capture pages that I use to build my list. To see my results from previous months click here.

Unfortunately I was on the road a lot at the end of October and I didn’t get stats for the last few days so this month’s stats might be slightly lower than they should be.

As usual I am using Hits Connect to track how many sign-ups I am getting from my lead capture pages.

Traffic Exchanges
1. ts25 – 16
2. Traffic Splash – 10

I actually spent a lot less time surfing for credits this month than usual so I didn’t bother listing the exchanges that only got me a few sign-ups.  The 26 sign-ups I received from ts25 and Traffic Splash actually came from credits I had left over from previous months.  Isn’t residual traffic great?

1. ListJoe – 81
2. FreeSafelistMailer – 13
3. AdSolution – 12
4. List Auction – 9
5. Elite Safelist -7

Wow!  ListJoe continues to perform way above my expectations for a safelist. I did purchase the upgraded membership but with those kinds of stats it is worth every penny!  If you aren’t already a member join ListJoe now!

Text Ad Exchanges
1. Traffic Swarm – 51
2. Muscle Mail – 28
3. Ad Exchangers – 25
4. Maple Ads – 7
4. Elephant Text Ad Exchange – 6

Once again Traffic Swarm dominates the text ad exchanges but there are many newer sites which are proving to be very effect for advertising lead capture pages.  Check them out!

I should also mention that I participated in my very first JV Giveaway to advertise my lead capture page f and I was very happy with the results.  I received 39 sign-ups even though I got in really late.  If you have a free product to give away and want to advertise your lead capture page in the next big give away event then check out IM Dream Team asap!  It’s free to join and is a great way to get a lot of exposure for your lead capture page.

Of course these numbers are all from my own testing and your results may vary.  If you are doing any kind of online advertising you need to track your own stats. That’s why I recommend HitConnect for tracking all of your sign-ups.  Get your own HitConnect trackers by clicking the link below.